Play The Hollow

We provide the stage, sound system, and soundman. You provide the talent. We are always looking for new acts to perform at The Hollow. We are open to all genres of music and performance. We are also open to other types of performances such as comedy, poetry, and spoken word. We are a small venue but we have a big heart and we love to support local talent. We are also open to touring acts. We are a listening room so we ask that you respect the audience and keep the volume at a reasonable level.

Our Venue

The Hollow Lounge is a cozy late night lounge bar specifically designed for intimate musical experiences with brilliant acoustics. The capacity of the room is 59 but we limit ticket sales to 40 to ensure that everyone has a comfortable experience, however we sometimes increase capacity for standing room only.

The Stage

The stage is small but has enough room for about 6 players comfortably. We have stage lighting and a PA system complete with mains, monitors and an 18 channel digital mixer. We also provide a soundman to make sure the sound is properly mixed throughout the show. Other equipment and instruments are also available.


We do not hire bands directly. Instead, we provide the venue, manage ticket sales and promotion. You set the ticket price and keep 100% of the ticket sales, minus any applicable processing fees. As an added bonus, we also provide each participating artist member with a $25 credit, which can be put towards the bar tab or even accommodations.

Promotional Material

We require that all acts have sufficient promo. High-quality photos are necessary and videos are highly recommended. You will also be expected to provide a description and bio.

Please fill out the form below to apply.