Hollow Valley Resort

Investment Opportunity

We are seeking investment partners to contribute to and help expedite the development phases of the project. If you’ve always wanted to own a resort, this is a great opportunity to get involved, and join our team. All of our partners are down to earth, appreciate cottage country, and are in this for the lifestyle.

3D Concept Video

The video below is a representation of our plans for the property. The cabins in particular are just placeholders and the actual structures will likely look totally different, but this will give you an idea.

Please note: Something happened to the colour of the water during the video rendering process. In reality, the Hollow River is crystal clear, fed by Kawagama Lake, one of the cleanest lakes in the region. The river then flows into Lake of Bays, which gives us direct boat access to one of the largest lakes in Muskoka!

Concept Renderings